Elemental Yoga with Amber Sawyer


Elemental-Yogo-PosterElemental Yoga is a unique system of yoga that integrates the wisdom of Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shiatsu, Shamanism and Yoga into a holistic lifestyle practice both on and off the mat. This system of yoga aims to bring union or harmony to the 5-elements within the body/mind constitution based on the perspective that any disease or imbalances in the body/mind are a result of disharmony in our elemental energies (Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, Space).

Elemental Yoga uses physical postures to strengthen and stretch elemental meridian pathways, as well as uses breathwork, mudras, meditation and lifestyle recommendations to bring harmony to the 5-elemental system within the body/mind. The 5 elements each correspond to different parts of the body, specific meridian pathways, emotions and mental tendencies. With this knowledge, we can design a practice that can influence the dynamics of these elements specifically.

This system of Yoga is unique in that it empowers the individual to design a more specific yoga practice to therapeutically address imbalances and to develop a closer relationship with nature, ultimately leading to a greater awareness of our own inner nature – stepping towards a state of Yoga!

In this series, we have developed short sequences that can be practiced for bringing harmony to each element.