Gifts of Blessings – Guided Meditations by Yantara Jiro

About the Guided Meditation

Guided Meditation by Yantara Jiro
Music Composition by Wendy Phua

“Gifts of Blessings” is a guided meditation designed to assist the listener to allow their mind-body-heart to well-being. Every word is carefully spoken and record in the space of alignment with Source Energy. Each track seeks to uplift the consciousness to greater heights, elevating the perspective of the listener to gain clarity and insights into personal life.

Gifts of Blessings

Gift of Blessings

About the tracks

Track 1: Power of Now

Track 2: Gifts of Blesssings

Track 3: Colorful Life

Track 4: Sunrise

Track 5: Power of Now (Mandarin Version)

Track 6: Gifts of Blessings (Mandarin Version)

Track 7: Colorful Life (Mandarin Version)

Track 8: Sunrise

Track 9: Freedom to Be (Journey)

More about Yantara Jiro

Yantara is a visionary, inspirational leader, singer and explorer of Sound and Consciousness. Yantara inspires to spread the message of love and harmony through music and the power of soundl creating platforms for people to step into their powers by expressing their inner voice. He frequently organixes international sacred tours to vortexes such as Japan, Mt. Shasta, Egypt, U.K. and many more.

He travels to facilitate his seminars and workshops in over 8 countries around the world. Yantara teaches through his journey of spiritual awakening and inspires to invoke the inner power within us into our personal alignment with Source so as to co-create with the waves of global awakening.

Path to Abundance with the Archangels
Path to Abundance with the Archangels

More about Wendy Phua

A Yamaha endorsed musician, Wendy has performed with James LoMenzo , Mel Gayner (Simple Minds), Shaggy, Emma Shapplin and Riki Hendrix. Her debut instrumental EP “Between Here And Then” (2008), Singapore’s first solo bass studio release, received glowing reviews by Musikuz (Czech) and Bass Frontiers Magazine (US).

As a composer, her talent lies in creating the perfect mood through music. Simply close your eyes and listen Wendy’s carefully handcrafted soundscape masterpieces that lift you and carry you on a delightful musical journey.